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Government Of Assam Revenue & Disaster Management Directorate of Land Records


  •  Administration of the Department
    Director of Land Records and Surveys:
    *The Directorate of Land Records and Surveys etc. is one of the oldest Directorates of Assam established in 1887 as the Directorate of Land Records and Agriculture with Mr. Henry Zouch Dirrah, as the first Director. However, the office of the Assam Surveys came into existence in the year 1915. The duties and responsibilities of Assam Surveys were performed by the office of the Assam Traverse Party & Drawing which performed its work under supervision of the Superintendent of Survey of India and Director of Eastern Circle, Survey of India as well as Director of Surveys, Assam. In 1932-33, Assam Survey was separated and placed under the Director of Land Records, Assam. Since then the Director of Land Records & Surveys etc., Assam has been functioning as the Director of Surveys, Assam as well. There is 1(one) Joint Director of Surveys, 4(four) posts of Asstt. Director of Survey and also 1 (one) Asstt. Director of Survey (Printing) to assist the Director matters.Further, there is one Additional Director of land Records and 2(two) Assistant Director of Land Records, Assam
    *The DLR is the ex-officio Inspector General of Registration at state level.
    *The DLR works as Registrar General of Marriages.
    *The DLR works as Commissioner of Wakf Properties.
    *The DLR works as Superintendent of Stamps and is responsible for regulating and distribution of non-postal stamps in the State
    Inspector General of Registration:
    *The Director of Land Records & Surveys etc., Assam is one of the oldest Directorate of Assam established in 1887. Inspector General of Registration
    *The DLR is the ex-officio Inspector General of Registration at state level.
    *Other post in the Directorate are Addl. .IGR and Asstt.IGR.These posts are held by the departmental Officers.
    *In the district, the Deputy Commissioner is the District Registrar.
    *There are 9 Dy.Registrars who supervise and inspect the Registration Officers falling within their respective zone and juricdiction.
    *Below the Dy.Registrar,the post is the Sr.Sub Registrar followed by the Sub Registrar.


    Superintendent of Stamp:
    The Superintendent of Stamps looks after the matters relating to procurement of stamps paper both judicial,non- judicial and adhesive stamps including the court fee stamp and e-Stamp.
    Registrar General of Marriages
    The Registrar General of Marriages,Assam looks after the matter of marriages under:-
    Marriages related statutory matters falls under various marriages Act, Rules, Guidelines and Amendment being made time to time. Specially, Special Marriage Act 1954, Hindu Marriage Act 1935, Muslim Marriage Act 1935, Assam Kazis Act 1880, Indian Cristian Marriage Act 1872.
    Function of the Department
    Director of Land Records and Surveys
    * The DLR is over all in charge of maintenance and updating the land records of the state through the Circle Office under the Deputy Commissioner / Sub-Division officers.
    * The DLRS as Director of Surveys, his responsibility are periodical survey of land (a) Re-Settlement Operation (b) Survey of N.C. land (c) Printing and vendyking of maps (d) supply of printed maps (e) char survey (f) settlement/re-settlement operation. And, he is also responsible for maintenance of demarcation of international boundaries along India-Bangladesh and construction of boundary pillars, interstate and inter district boundary.
    * Printing and Vendyking of map.
    * The Directorate overseas the functioning of the Assam Survey & Settlement Training Centre presently functioning from its own campus at Rajah Nagar, Dakhingaon, Ghy-40. The training center imparts training to IAS / IPS / ACS / APS and other revenue officers in addition to fresh candidates of RCCC training in the method of Survey (both conventional and modern), Settlement.
    The Assistant Director of land Records is responsible for inspection and supervision of the Revenue Circle Offices and specially monitored the land revenue of the of the State .
    Inspector General of Registration
    * The IGR exercises general Superintendents over all the Registration offices in the state of Assam.
    * All the statutory matter related to the Registration of various documents/deeds within the purview of Indian Registration Act,1908, Indian Stamp Act,1899, Indian POA Act, Partnership Act, etc.
    * All works in the Registration offices are done through the e-Panjeeyan Software.
    * Monitoring and supervising of entire registration works of the State under different zone and district besides inspection, regulatory matters measures to be taken thereon.
    * The controlling of entire Registration Office and Staff of the State.
    * The IGR exercises power to make rules from time to time, consistent with the Indian Registration Act. The rules so made are to be submitted to the state Govt. for approval.
     * The IGR may also in exercises of his discretion, remit wholly or in part the difference between any fine levied under section-25 or section-34.
    Superintendent of Stamp
    * General superintendence on various Stamp duties, e-Stamp, related works of treasuries, verification of Stamp papers storedin the treasury of the State, district-wise control over Stamp vendors through the Collectors etc. Moreover, the Superintendent of Stamp, Assam purchased stamp papers from printing presses situated at Nasik and Hyderabad for the State.
    * Physical Stamps are purchased from Security printing Press Hyderabad (Lower Denomination) i.e.Rs 2/-, Rs 5/-,Rs 10/-&Rs 20/-.
    * Indian Security Press,Nashik Road(Higher Denomination) i.e. Revenue Stamp, Copy Stamp, court Fee adhesive Stamp, Court fee impressed stamp etc.
    * E-Stamp:E-Stamp has started in Assam in the year of 2009.Stock Holding Corporation of Indian Limited is the authority issuing e-Stamp all over the State.As a commission they are getting 0.65% of the total sale.
    Registrar General of Marriages
    Controlling of all marriage officers and their respective offices through out the State and proper implementation and execution in the spirit of prevailing act and regulation.