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Government Of Assam Revenue & Disaster Management Directorate of Land Records


  • The Directorate of Land Records & Surveys etc., Assam is one of the oldest Directorate of Assam established in 1887 as the Directorate of Land Records & Agriculture with Mr. Henry Zouch Derrah, IACS as the first Director.

    The office of the Directorate of the Land Records & Surveys etc., Assam is presently accommodated in its own building “Rajah Bhawan” at Rupnagar, Guwahati-32, since 1998. Apart from Rupnagar, the office of the Director of Land Records & Surveys etc., Assam function from 3 (three) other different places such as Vendyking Section at Beltola, Survey & Printing Section at Dakhingaon and khamal at Santipur.

    The Directorate of Land Records & Surveys etc. Assam deals with Land Records and Surveys as the head of the department. The Directorate is primarily responsible for preservation and maintenance of Survey, demarcation and construction of International boundary pillars with aid & advice from Government of India also for maintenance if Inter State boundaries, Inter district boundaries ad finally for the cadastral survey of all NC villages. It is also concerned with maintenance of Records of Rights of the Land holders and for conducting Re-settlement Operation as per provision of ALRR, 1886.

    The DLR is over all in-charge of maintenance and updating the land records of the State through the Circle Office under the Dputy Commissioner/Sub-division offices.

    The DLR as Director of Surveys is responsible for periodic survey of land (a) Re-settlement Operation (b) Survey of NC land (c) Printing & Vendyking of maps (d) supply of printed maps € Char survey (f) Settlement/Re-settlement operation.

    The DLR is ex-officio Inspector General of Registration at State level. At the District level respective Deputy Commissioner act as District Registration Officer.

    As Superintendent of Stamps DLR, Assam is responsible for regulating and distribution of Non-Postal Stamps in the State. He monitors revenue earning through sales of Stamps.

    The DLR, Assam also work as Registrar General of Marriages and Commissioner of Wakf Properties.

    The Directorate in its present form has seven branches:-

    1. Agriculture Statistics
    2. State Waste Land Board
    3. Re-Settlement
    4. Land Records
    5. Inspection
    6. Staff Training
    7. Survey & Demarcation